Protection crystal healing jewelry

Physical and psychological protection is usually used on dark stones – tiger eye, hematite, amethyst, lapis lazuli, garnet.
We have selected jewelry from these stones for you and summarized them in this collection.

By wearing these jewels, you can protect yourself, your personal space and energy from outer unwanted influences. You will strengthen your inner strength and protect your aura.

There are two types crystals for protection, the first provide for absorption of negative energy and transform it into a useful, the second keep away from you any source of psychological attack.
Which jewelry and what crystals are right for you?
Each of us is different and so crystals work differently. Moreover, in different situations they also behave differently. So you need to experiment with one or another crystal to feel better about its protective effect on you.

Tiger eyes

Tiger’s eyes resist the evil eye and deactivate it. They protect you from the psychologically manipulative energy of the harmful source. They protect their owner from theft and accidents. They bear their prosperity and keep poverty away from them by contributing to the development of their financial affairs.


Hematite builds around you a protective sheath, blocks the harmful energies and takes them to a safe place for you – in the ground. It is useful in legal matters and cases. If you have legal problems and need to go to court – you must wear hematite: a piece of it in your pocket or jewel.


Through its inner colorful light, this crystal spreads and takes you away from the psychic attacks that evil has sent to you.

Lapis lazuli

The lazurite “sucks”, squeezes and breaks down the negative energies, eliminates them and makes them helpless. It protects our dreams, protects us from evil spirits, and prevents them from “entering” into our reality.


The granite is an excellent defender. Its burning energy burns and disintegrates harmful negative energies. Use a grenade when you need regeneration and power.

Protection crystal healing jewelry

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