Cats eye jewelry

Cats eye jewelry – designed by Yavor X-Style

Features for cats eye jewelry

Color: gold, yellow, brown, gray, blue, blue-green, white, pink, purple
Zodiac: Capricorn, Taurus, Aries
Energy: protection
Planet: Moon
Chakra: Heart Chakra
Anniversary: 7th

Spiritual supports for Cats eye stone

It is believed that the cat eye is the most powerful amulet of abundance and protection from whammy to protect its carier from the “evil eye.” The cat’s eye is a winner of luck and accident protection – it is compared with the cat that always falls on its feet.

The energies of the stone awaken the feeling of achieving spirituality in life.
The cats eye stimulates intuition and raises awareness.
It is a grounding stone that provides effective protective energy. It dissipates unwanted energy from the aura and increases luck. Turns negative thoughts into positive energy.

The cat’s eye brings happiness and tranquility, as well as optimism, cheerfulness and confidence. It can improve creativity and goodness. It is believed to protect its medium from evil spirits.
The cat eye is recommended for business people as it protects against business losses and provides financial stability.It acts as guardian of the wealth of his owner and leads to further accumulation of wealth

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