Garnet jewelry

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Features of garnet:

Color: dark red
Zodiac: Aquarius, also Leo, Capricorn
Energy: luck, money, love, healing
Planet: Mars
Month: January, also February, May, October
Chakra: Chakra Root (1st Chakra), Sakralna Chakra (2nd Chakra) and (3rd Chakra)
Anniversary: 2, 18

Spiritual supports for garnet:

Garnet is the stone of luck, money and love.
Dark garnet red is associated with romantic relationship, symbolizes intimacy fervor, sensuality and even sexuality.
People with garnet jewelry are the winners.
Helps people know and enjoy the earthly pleasures.
Moreover, the importance of garnet is associated with deeper aspects such as loyalty, commitment, pure love. The overall relationship becomes more balanced and stable.
In the health field garnet is associated with the circulation of blood. Enhances reproductive health.
This is the stone of positive thinking. Helps to overcome crises and traumas and depression.
Grenade is the mascot of reformers and spiritual zeal. Resonates with heavenly frequency and from there draws its energy gifts.
Its holder features a good temper and joy, makes a good impression.
As a jewel it is to be given as a sign of friendship, love and keepsake.

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