Hematite jewelry

Hematite jewelry – designed by Yavor X-Style

Features for hematite

Color: gray
Sign: Aries, Aquarius
Energy: Love, protection, healing
Planet: Mars, Mercury
Month: March, December
Chakra: All chakras

Spiritual supports for hematite

Hematite is a stone is most commonly used for stabilization and protection. It has powerful grounding and balancing energy that is excellent for stimulating the mind.

It is used in case we need psychological organization and reassurance. It increases memory and “deep” thought.
It supports original, logical and mathematical thinking and, in any case, any type of thinking that requires a mental organization.

Use it also if you want to stimulate your mind and advance in the field of mathematics and engineering. Supports the development of thought processes, increases willpower and self-esteem. It helps you feel better physically and mentally, to bring peace and harmony to yourself.

Emotionally, hematite reduces negativism as it balances the connection of the body with the mind.
The energy of hematite has a strong physical earth energy that vibrates in the main chakra known for its pain relieving effect.

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