Howlite jewelry

Howlite jewelry – designed by Yavor X-Style

Features for howlite

Color: white with black veins
Sign: Gemini, Virgo
Energy: Strength, healing
Planet: Moon
Chakra: All chakras – especially the 7th chakra
Element: Earth

Spiritual supports for howlite

Because of its white color, the howlite is considered a stone of innocence on the one hand, and on the other hand symbolizes human dignity.
It is considered one of the strongest minerals to improve memory. It has the property of helping us to set ambitions in their implementation.

It increases creativity and facilitates self-expression.
Helps us get rid of rage and anxiety, removes stress. It controls the anger and brings patience.

Howlite is a stone of reassurance. Removes anxiety, relaxes muscle tension, reduces stress and improves sleep, brings peace and relaxation.

Ideal means for insomnia, especially what is caused by too much though.
Howlite is a stone of awareness. It helps the benefactor to revive enlightenment and harmony from the Higher and the Divine. Used for traveling and meditation.

It helps us to be ourselves and to be happy with it without having to do anything else.
It has a positive influence on the bone system.

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