Nacre jewelry

Nacre jewelry, mother of pearl jewelry – designed by Yavor X-Style

Features for nacre

Sign: Pisces, Aquarius
Color: white, yellow, various
Energy: protection, healing
Planet: Moon
Chakra: Third Eye Chakra

Spiritual supports for nacre

What actually constitutes the nacre – it’s a part of the shells of molluscs which is deposited on the inside of the shell.
Nacre is a symbol of purity and beauty.
Nacre is a stone that brings joy and beauty. Possesses strong creative feminine force, guardian of the family fire. Keeps peace in the family and protects the home from evil spirits.
Worn as a jewelry nacre will bring something new and good to its owner. It is believed that products of nacre extend the life of its owner. In ancient times they believed that the drinks poured into glasses of shells have medicinal properties.
Modern healers also believe that nacre improves health, immune system and performance.
Nacre brings harmony, joy, tenderness, love, peace and comfort. It is claimed that it can bring prosperity. It protects you from negative influences and modifies negative energy. It is a strong protective stone

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