Onyx jewelry

Onyx jewelry – designed by Yavor X-Style

Features for onyx

Color: black, white
Energy: protection, healing
Planet: Saturn
Month July
Chakra: Chakra root (1st Chakra)

Spiritual supports for onyx

Has a strong defensive force. Counteracts to whammy and saves from magic.
It is used in meditation, rituals, dreams and realization.
Helps to forget about past and live in tune with the present.
It is believed to increase profit and well-being,

Absorbs negative energy and releases mental stress to promote emotional well-being. It is believed that its dark color is due to absorbing much negative energy.
Increases stamina and capability of emotional stability.
A stone of fighters and stubborn, entrepreneurs and inventors. When you carry it for a long time and with fate, you might change your habits.

It is a stone for Leo zodiac sign. Black Onyx stone will help maintenance Leo characteristic even to those who are not Leos.
Black Onyx is associated with the planet Saturn, which will bring a positive vibe for those born in the shadow of the planet Saturn.
It helps us to absorb whatever energy we need from the Universe.

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