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About Opal /opalite/:

The opal is one of the most mysterious stones.
Its name derives from the Greek “Opallios,” which means change of colors.
Its color is variable – from colorless and transparent, to glassy, porcelain and milky white to blue and yellow, through green and gray to brown and black.

Because of the diversity of its color in the past it was a symbol of impermanence and variable destiny.
Opal sharpens intuition and effects beneficially inspiration. It helps people who believe in that it can to help them.
You just have to stay tuned to the resonant frequency of faith and a strong desire for enlightenment.

In this respect, it strengthens your character traits, whether they are good or bad. On the other hand it improves self-esteem and confidence, helps you develop your potential.
Enlightens the mind and drives away the dark thoughts and fears.
In the past, the Indians watched opals and remembered their previous incarnations.
Symbol of happiness, hope and gentle, innocent love.
Associated with faithfulness, loyalty and trust with pure thoughts and sympathy.

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