Pink quartz jewelry

Pink quartz jewelry – designed by Yavor X-Style

Features for pink quartz

Color: pink
Sign: Aries (Ancient)
Energy: Love
Month: January (Ancient)
Chakra: Solar Split (3rd Chakra) and Heart Chakra (4th Chakra)

Spiritual supports for pink quartz

The pink quartz is the stone of love – of unconditional love – love of self, family, platonic and romantic love.
A symbol of beauty, restores youth and nurtures self-esteem.

Gives strong power that seeks and finds love in every situation.
Teaches us to practice love in all its activities and thus make ourselfs better and more decent people.
Brings us to the Divine energy.
Allows you to see the beauty of the world, as your heart resonates in a new tune.
Speaks directly with the Heart Chakra – teaches us compassion, peace, gentleness and healing.

Pink quartz is part of our collection Healing crystal jewelry for depression

It helps us to learn to love ourselves and others.
Powerful aphrodisiac, stimulates the sensual imagination.
Nourishes beautiful dreams and rosy dreams.

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