Quartz jewelry

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Features for quartz

Color: great variation of colors – black, blue, brown, gray, green, magenta, orange, pink, purple, red, white, yellow, blue-green, clear
Zodiac: according to the color of the stone
Energy: Power, Energy, Clarity
Chakra: Healing stone for all chakras

Spiritual supports for quartz

The Quartz is a powerful stone. Because of its numerous applications is also known as “Universal mineral.”
Its main action is to improve energy power through conservation, increase and balance.
It improves mental performance, directs and enhances energy, which is especially useful for healing, meditation and focusing. It is also suitable for programming, storing and retrieving information of the type in the form of an energy pattern. Thanks to its ability to provide balancing act, it is excellent for harmonizing and balancing the environment in which it is placed – at home, at work as a jewel.

The Quartz is a stone of clarity, it dispels negative energy and supplants the negative one. It is highly protective, and can be used for treatment of mental and physical substances. It is suitable for people of science and mental activity, because it clarifies thought processes, increases inspiration and supports creativity. Assists the concentration, learning and retention of new knowledge.
Quartz is the stone of harmony; it balances even in complex relationships such as romantic ones.
In psychological terms quartz is used for protection and counter of the black magic. Through it you can get wisdom that came from antiquity and to transpose it into today’s reality.
The Quartz is a healing stone. Used for healing and strengthening the body against fatigue. Improves all kinds of energy – mental, spiritual, physical.

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