Tiger’s Eye jewelry

Tiger’s Eye jewelry – designed by Yavor X-Style

Features for Tiger’s Eye

Color: GoldBrown
Sign: Pisces, Gemini, Capricorn (Ancient)
Energy: Luck, protection, Healing
Planet: Mercury
Month: November (ancient)
Chakra: Solar split (third), basic or root (first)
Anniversary: 39
Element: Earth, Fire

Spiritual supports for Tiger’s Eye

Tiger eye is the most ancient talisman, it is
“All-seeing eye” which has the capability of monitoring everything, even through closed doors.

It is a protective stone, like a tiger it embodies strength and energy.
Increases the level of life energy. Suitable for strong people but also for weak and sick.
It is courage and honesty to bring good luck and protection from evil and threats.
Stimulates action and helps in decision making.
Principle is – “here and now.”
Endows with insight and understanding.

It helps you to see things as they are.
Golden shining side of the stone equals prosperity. It cannot make you rich, but it can draw on your side better situations to achieve financial upswing.
Our mind is accustomed to think about many things simultaneously and tiger’s eye helps to calm it and improves concentration.

Emits a soft and gentle vibration, making it particularly suitable for meditation.
Worn as jewelry helps to restore power to overcome depression and protection from mental attacks and brings them back to the source.

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